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The Isaac Newton Institute's Open for Business events are developed and delivered by the Newton Gateway to Mathematics and are specifically designed to bring together industrial, commercial and government organisations with mathematical scientists. They can be run as part of an ongoing research programme, or as an independent event.

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Open for Business Events

Big Data and the Role of Statistical Scalability

Wednesday 28th February 2018
Isaac Newton Institute

This workshop was part of the six month programme at the Isaac Newton Institute (INI) on Statistical Scalability. The Programme aimed to help address some of these issues by simultaneous consideration of the methodological, theoretical and computational challenges involved and the development of robust, scalable methods, crucial to unlocking the potential of Big Data.

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Taming Uncertainty in Mathematical Models Used in the Private and Public Sectors

Thursday 1st February 2018
Isaac Newton Institute

The workshop is part of the six month Programme at the INI Uncertainty Quantification for Complex Systems: Theory and Methodologies and concentrated on how to handle uncertainty arising from the use of computer models. Three end-user sessions included talks from the engineering, financial and healthcare sectors.

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Mathematics of Imaging and Vision

Wednesday 6th December 2017
Centre for Mathematical Sciences

Imaging and vision is highly multidisciplinary – spanning mathematics, engineering, machine learning, computer vision and machine vision. There are numerous applications for this science in sectors such as medical imaging, security, geoscience, environment, food, manufacturing, agriculture, films, art and archeology.

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Form & Deformation in Art, Toys and Games

Friday 1st December 2017
Isaac Newton Institute

New mathematical approaches, such as shape analysis and computational anatomy, can be applied to growth and form in a variety of complex living and inanimate systems. Mathematical tools have the capacity to revolutionise a whole range of inter-disciplinary problems, from image analysis to medical diagnosis, from study of paintings to mechanical toys and games.

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Future Developments in Climate Sea Ice Modelling

Monday 25th September 2017
Isaac Newton Institute

This one-day event specifically addressed climate model representation of sea ice and addressed fundamental and applied issues in mathematical modelling of sea ice. In particular, it sought to identify future priorities for climate sea ice model development.

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Computational Challenges in Image Processing

Tuesday 5th September 2017
Isaac Newton Institute

Image processing, along with mathematical imaging and computer vision have become fundamental for gaining information on various aspects in medicine, the sciences, and technology, in the public and private sector equally.

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Big Proof - Challenges in Industry and Research

Wednesday 19th July 2017
The Alan Turing Institute

This workshop, part of the Isaac Newton Institute Research Programme Big Proof, brought together mathematicians, computer scientists and logicians with those from relevant application areas.

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Engaging People in Data Privacy

Tuesday 6th December 2016

This one day workshop explored new ways in which data subjects can take an active part in how their data are shared. An interdisciplinary blend of science and technology, social policy, psychology legal analysis will be presented.

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New Approaches to Anonymisation

Monday 5th December 2016

This event was part of a week-long workshop on New Developments in Data Privacy, linked to the Isaac Newton Institute (INI) research programme on Data Linkage and Anonymisation. It highlighted new approaches to anonymisation and will bring together leading experts as well as data users and ‘data holders’ with the aim of disseminating state-of-the-art techniques and approaches from the INI research programme.

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Probability and Statistics in Forensic Science - Dissemination Workshop

Thursday 1st December 2016

This one day workshop was part of the Isaac Newton Institute Research Programme on Probability and Statistics in Forensic Science. It followed an earlier consultation event held in London on 9th February 2016, that involved discussion with members of the legal community and senior academics, to better understand the difficulties and concerns that the profession faces.

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