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Extending the Reach of the Mathematical Sciences

The Newton Gateway to Mathematics is the impact initiative of the Isaac Newton Institute, the UK's national and international mathematics visitor research institute, based at the University of Cambridge. The Gateway acts as a national vehicle for knowledge exchange between the mathematical sciences and potential users of mathematics, such as industry, business, Government and other academic disciplines in the UK and internationally.

Companies and organisations can partner with the Newton Gateway either by working with us on specific projects or programmes of work, or via one-off or annual donations to help underwrite direct costs and support under represented groups and early stage researchers etc.

Through its Partnership Scheme, the Newton Gateway continues to build relationships with organisations from industry and the public sector, who seek deeper engagement with the mathematical sciences community. A partnership can be tailored to fit an organisation’s specific vision and strategy, in a mathematical sciences related area.

Working with the Newton Gateway Can Provide Unique Access to the Mathematical Sciences Community

Accessing specialist mathematical knowledge can be difficult – particularly for those outside academia. This can present a number of challenges, such as inaccessibility because of the technical nature of the subject matter and also the sheer diversity – as mathematics underpins so many disciplines and technologies.

The Newton Gateway helps to address such issues through effective communications and translation to wider audiences. This is achieved through a wide range of high quality knowledge exchange activities, varying from specific projects to more extensive programmes of work with associated events. These activities are specifically designed to stimulate the flow of knowledge and ideas between often disparate areas. They are effective at linking up people and organisations to collaborate on identified problems and challenges. By bridging these gaps, the Gateway brings together those engaged in frontier mathematical research and those working in more applied areas – such as in industry, public sector and other academic disciplines.

Helping to Communicate Corporate and Organisational Values

As well as presenting extensive opportunities for networking, knowledge exchange and collaboration, becoming a Newton Gateway Partner can help organisations to reflect the wider interests of the communities they serve and assist in communicating corporate values and interests. The Gateway works with many partners to further develop the important role of mathematics by making it more widely accessible to those who need to use it. Increased funding through the Partnership Scheme will help to underpin resources needed to deliver more activities to help achieve this.

Partners are clearly associated with these efforts, as well as the wider UK mathematics community. Such associations could make a worthy addition to an organisation’s wider Corporate Social Responsibility policy.

Further Information

To find out more and for advice on how to become a Gateway Partner, please contact: