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Convincing scam alert

We have been made aware of a convincing email scam that is focusing on our events at the Newton Gateway and at Isaac Newton Institute Programme and Workshop participants. Participants may receive an email from a firm called Expo Hotel Services (  or Traveller Point ( to arrange accommodation for workshops and/or programmes. This might include a request to provide them with credit card information.

Please note, INI or the Newton Gateway to Mathematics will never ask for your card details. We take all payments via the University of Cambridge Online store

If you have been contacted by this company please contact us as soon as possible.


Newton Gateway Events

The Newton Gateway to Mathematics delivers activity across a broad range of sectors and engages in partnership with the users of mathematics - academics from other disciplines, those from industry and the public sector. 
Activities are bespoke and may originate from the need to address a specific technical issue or look for a better solution. Alternatively, they could be in response to the need to obtain ideas for next generation solutions from mathematicians involved in frontier research.

Activities take a number of forms:

  • Events - workshops and consultations
  • Training programmes
  • Short to medium-term research programmes
  • Projects

The Newton Gateway delivers Open for Business knowledge exchange events on behalf of the Isaac Newton Institute. These are specifically designed to bring together industrial, commercial and government organisations with mathematical scientists and can be run as part of an ongoing research programme, or as an independent event.


Upcoming Events

Preventing Future Pandemics: Key Challenges for Mathematical Modelling to Improve Pandemic Preparedness

Tuesday 13th August 2024
Isaac Newton Institute

This Open for Business event takes part within the INI programme on Modelling and Inference for Pandemic Preparedness and aims to provide a meeting ground to facilitate interactions and exchanges between representatives of academia, research and industry, relevant to the theme, with the objective of identifying points of mutual interest and possible co-activity.

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Open for Business Day: Modelling and Applications of Anomalous Diffusions

Thursday 5th September 2024

This Open for Business event is part of an INI programme on Stochastic Systems for Anomalous Diffusion and it is taking part within the workshop Modelling and Applications of Anomalous Diffusions.

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8th Edwards Symposium – Statistical Physics of Soft and Multicomponent Systems

Wednesday 11th September 2024 to Friday 13th September 2024

The Edwards Symposium Series continues to highlight the latest developments in soft matter science with a particular (but not exclusive) emphasis on theoretical and mathematical models, and on how these models can inform industrial processes, materials, and design. Leading academic speakers will present their latest scientific work, aiming to foster collaborative and interdisciplinary discussions across the industry/academia boundary.

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UK Graduate Modelling Camp 2024

Monday 23rd September 2024 to Friday 27th September 2024

The Graduate Modelling Camp is catered for early career mathematicians, those in the first and second years of their doctoral studies, who are keen to get hands-on experience of mathematical modelling. 

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Mathematics Communication Training

Tuesday 1st October 2024 to Wednesday 2nd October 2024
Isaac Newton Institute

This two-day training workshop aims to provide attendees with the skills to address the challenges involved in communicating mathematics to different audiences.

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Past Events

Generative AI and Applications: Next Steps

Wednesday 17th July 2024

This Open for Business event was linked to the INI programme on Diffusions in Machine Learning: Foundations, Generative Models and Non-Convex Optimisation and took place within the International Workshop on Diffusions in Machine Learning: Foundations, Generative Models, and Optimisation. This event was developed in partnership with the Alan Turing Institute.

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Connecting Heavy Tails and Differential Privacy in Machine Learning

Friday 26th April 2024
Wellcome Collection, London

This one-day Open for Business was part of an INI programme on Heavy Tails in Machine Learning and took place within the workshop on SGD: Stability, Momentum Acceleration and Heavy Tails and organised in collaboration with the Alan Turing Institute.

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Prob_AI Hub Launch Event

Tuesday 9th April 2024
Wellcome Collection

This one-day launch event of the Prob_AI Hub included talks from researchers leading on developing the foundations of probabilistic AI.

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The Gateway to Fusion Power

Wednesday 21st February 2024

University of York, National STEM Learning Centre

This one-day Open for Business event was part of the INI Programme on Anti-diffusive dynamics: from sub-cellular to astrophysical scales. This event focused on the future of Magnetic confinement fusion MCF –specifically the scientific challenges which confront fusion energy system development.

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Mathematics Workshop: Theory of Electromagnetic Activity

Wednesday 7th February 2024 to Friday 9th February 2024
Robinson College

The National Electromagnetic Environment Hub (EME Hub) was pleased to announce the 2024 Mathematics Workshop in the Theory of Electromagnetic Activity, supported by the University of Leeds and hosted by the Newton Gateway.

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