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Wednesday 21st February 2024

University of York, National STEM Learning Centre

The Gateway to Fusion Power

This Open for Business event will take place as part of the INI Programme on Anti-diffusive dynamics: from sub-cellular to astrophysical scales.


Magnetic confinement fusion (MCF) is entering a new phase of development, in which fusion science research runs parallel to actual energy systems development. The former is situated in universities and government labs, the latter in private enterprises.

This event will focus on the future of MCF –specifically the scientific challenges which confront fusion energy system development. Special lectures will discuss:
i. The physics of burning plasmas,
ii. Modelling of mesoscopic dynamics,
iii. New quiescent but high-performance edge plasmas,
iv. New approaches exploiting novel magnetic field shapes,
v. New approaches using low aspect ratio spherical tori.

The event will conclude with a panel discussion of a diverse group of experts. All workshop participants are invited to participate in this discussion.

The event will start at 09.00 and close at 17.00. The Programme can be seen on the INI workshop page.

Registration and Venue

The event will be held at the National STEM Learning Centre in York and will take place within the INI Workshop on Layering in Magnetized Plasmas.

Please note that remote attendance will be possible, and if you would like to attend, please register via this link.