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Newton Gateway activities are bespoke and can originate from the need to address a specific technical issue or look for a better solution. Alternatively, they can be in response to the need to obtain ideas for next generation solutions from mathematicians involved in frontier research.

Gateway activities can take a number of forms:

  • Events - workshops and consultations
  • Training programmes
  • Short to medium-term research programmes
  • Projects


Newton Gateway Initiatives

Innovate UK Analysis for Innovators

The Newton Gateway is pleased to be a Partner in Innovate UK Analysis for Innovators Programme.

Innovate UK Analysis for Innovators is a programme that gives UK businesses of any size access to cutting-edge R&D expertise and facilities to help solve problems that they have been unable to tackle using standard technologies and techniques. It might be around product reliability, cost or product lifetime.

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Solve for X - Martingale Foundation

The Gateway is delighted to collaborate with the Martingale Foundation on its new programme, Solve for X, that challenges Scholars to tackle interdisciplinary real-world challenges in Mathematical Sciences.

Solve for X is multi-year development challenge which promotes collaboration and progression of key professional skills. It offers a holistic approach to skill-building and career progression, with Scholars participating in a residential retreat featuring group work, training sessions, and culminating in pitch presentations to an expert panel. The Newton Gateway is working with the Martingale Foundation to develop and deliver the first Solve for X training camp in June 2024. 

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RAMP Continuity Network: Scientific Meetings, Rapid Review Group, and Policy Support for COVID-19

From January 2021 until July 2022, the Newton Gateway played a key role in the RAMP Continuity Network (a UKRI funded project) and delivered a series of meetings, workshops and virtual study groups.

The aim of this was to ensure scientific networking to help maintain strong communication links among RAMP-initiated projects, and further develop links between these and the wider modelling community around COVID-19. This helped to create a truly multiscale approach and ensured engagement with the wider mathematical community as well as with those from industry and the public sector.

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EU-MATHS-IN - Mathematics for Industry in Europe

The Newton Gateway to Mathematics is the UK representative within EU-MATHS-IN - a European network that aims to establish connections between stakeholders working in industrial mathematics.

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Mathematical Challenges in the Electromagnetic Environment

The EME is essential to the UK across all domains; space, air, land, sea and cyber. To solve problems encountered when operating in the EME there are currently a range of approaches and traditional engineering techniques. However, applying new or alternative mathematics presents an opportunity to create new, innovative approaches.

The Defence, Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl), PA Consulting and the Isaac Newton Institute are collaborating to engage the mathematical community to work on challenges in the EME.

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Virtual Forum for Knowledge Exchange in Mathematical Sciences

The Newton Gateway to Mathematics, Isaac Newton Institute (INI), International Centre for Mathematical Sciences (ICMS) and Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) are working with various representatives from the mathematical sciences community to develop a virtual forum for knowledge exchange in the mathematical sciences.

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The Edwards Symposia Series (Soft Matter Science)

The Edwards Symposia Series will highlight the latest developments in soft matter science with a particular (but not exclusive) emphasis on theoretical and mathematical models, and on how these models can inform industrial processes, materials, and design.

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Cantab Capital Institute for the Mathematics of Information (CCIMI)

Established in May 2016 through philanthropic support from Cantab Capital Partners LLP, CCIMI accommodates research activity on fundamental mathematical problems and methodology for understanding, analysing, processing and simulating data.

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Cambridge Mathematics of Information in Healthcare (CMIH)

The Newton Gateway works as a delivery partner with CMIH to help enhance partner and end-user engagement and interaction.

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Maths and Public Policy

In 2014 to 2015, the Newton Gateway delivered a programme of work and associated events on behalf of the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC). This brought together mathematical sciences researchers and policy makers to explore modelling and problem solving, with the aim to raise the profile of the mathematical sciences and its importance to the public policy area.
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Post-Quantum Research

Post-Quantum Research is an initiative of the Newton Gateway to Mathematics, with support from GCHQ.There is a realistic possibility that in the medium term the power of quantum computation will have the potential to compromise some cyber security systems.

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Optimisation in Space Engineering

This initiative originated from discussions and ideas emanating from an Isaac Newton Institute programme on Polynomial Optimisation which took place in August 2013.

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