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In 2014 to 2015, the Newton Gateway delivered a programme of work and associated events on behalf of the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC). This brought together mathematical sciences researchers and policy makers to explore modelling and problem solving, with the aim to raise the profile of the mathematical sciences and its importance to the public policy area.

A launch event was held on 10th December 2014 at the Royal Society in London and was attended by 85 delegates from across Government departments, academic institutions, learned societies and other public sector organisations.

Following the December launch, 2 workshops took place that further engaged stakeholders to help disseminate information and encourage a greater level of activity across the mathematics for public policy landscape.

  • Cities and Infrastructure: 11 March 2015. This first day-long workshop covered the cross-cutting and inter-dependent areas of Cities, Transport, Energy and Environment. The main themes that were covered included mathematics for a future cities framework, mathematical modelling of traffic systems, modelling variability and uncertainty in energy systems and probability modelling to attribute weather events to climate change.

  • Health and Society: 24 March 2015. The second day long workshop focused on health and society. Maths can help in providing much needed insights in the social sciences and health areas, where there is a need to analyse and understand data from different perspectives. The main themes that were discussed included health - optimising immunisation programmes; changing demographics - planning for an ageing population; societal risk - modelling variability and uncertainty, and modelling for health and disability.