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Wednesday 10th December 2014


The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) is working to raise the profile of the mathematical sciences and its importance to the public policy area.

Public policy forms the framework by which government and non-governmental organisations work to resolve social, economic and political issues in society. This in turn determines the allocation and distribution of the resources needed to achieve these goals. State-of-the-art mathematical techniques, methodologies and expertise can greatly improve modelling and problem-solving in policy making, ensuring that policies are fit-for-purpose and much more effective.

A launch event was held in London at the start of this series of targeted activities, and this will be followed in March 2015 by two day long workshops which will focus on policy making issues around "Health and Society" and "Cities and Infrastructure".

Maths and Public Policy Review

Click below to read a report of the event by Oz Flanagan of StatsLife


EPSRC Maths and Public Policy Summary Note

This document highlights the key messages from the speaker’s presentations, as well as a summary of the questions and points raised during the panel discussion session.

Summary note: 


Aims & Objectives

Government policy covers a multitude of areas - health, education, energy and transport to name but a few. The use of mathematical models has gained much prominence through their use in facilitating economic evaluation. However, models have also been used in a number of other decision-making contexts including risk assessment and service planning and capacity modelling - all important facets of policy making.


This half day launch event aimed to:

  • highlight the importance of mathematical modelling and techniques
  • generate greater awareness and understanding of its use in policy development
  • develop ideas to be explored in the workshops in March 2015
  • engage high level advocates in government and academia who will encourage colleagues to get involved in future events


Registration and Venue

This event was aimed at senior stakeholders from Government, public sector, academia and other relevant non-governmental organisations.

The workshop took place at the Kohn Centre, Royal Society, London. Please see the link for further information about the venue.