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Thursday 21st June 2018

Isaac Newton Institute

United Kingdom


The profusion of sensor-based technologies in research and industrial systems is having a major influence on our ability to derive real-time insight and understanding about the world around us. However, this deluge of data streams also brings with it significant statistical challenge.

In the past, there has been a tendency to focus purely on algorithmic scalability. However, increasingly we find new statistical challenges arising, requiring novel solutions. For example, the statistical analysis of data streams can involve computational and memory constraints due to a need to process data at source on limited hardware. An alternative challenge can arise with the problem of synthesizing information across multiple related streams, such as those observed in digital networks. Research is therefore needed to find more robust and effective methods for scaling data and, in particular, streaming data.

This workshop was part of the six month programme at the Isaac Newton Institute (INI) on Statistical Scalability. It followed on from a highly successful knowledge exchange workshop in February which focused on Big Data and the role of statistical scalability..

Aims and Objectives

Challenges in streaming data arise in numerous fields – consumer products, financial transactions, computer network traffic, transport and communications networks and energy systems are just some of them. As with statistical scaling generally, this requires an integrated approach.

This knowledge exchange event by the Turing Gateway to Mathematics harnessed expertise from the research being undertaken as part of the INI Statistical Scalability Research Programme. It highlighted experience, expertise and challenges from a number of key stakeholders from the following areas:

  • Exploration and Geology
  • Energy and Environment
  • Communications

The problems faced can often be generic and so have relevance to numerous other sectors and end user applications. Additionally, real applications of streaming data involve specialist streaming infrastructure, hardware and software. It was therefore envisaged that this event would have been of interest to a wide audience including those working in multiple business and industrial sectors, Government and the public sector.

The workshop included a poster exhibition, which ran during the lunch and the drinks/networking session and there was a short discussion and question session to finish.


Registration and Venue

There was a registration fee to cover attendance at this event. This was £25 for academics and public sector attendees and £50 for industrial attendees. 

There was no fee for registered participants of the INI Statistical Scalability Programme.
To register and for further information, please click here.

The workshop took place at the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences in Cambridge. Please see the Isaac Newton Institute website for further information about the venue.