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6th September 2017
12:30 to 13:25 Registration and Lunch
13:25 to 13:30 Welcome and Introduction Mike Cates (University of Cambridge)
Session 1: New Functional Materials (Chair: Tom McLeish, Durham University)
13:30 to 14:10 Vitrimers - a New Paradigm for Processible Polymers (+) Ludwik Leibler (ESPCI ParisTech )
14:10 to 14:50 Self-Assembly and Health: The Bad News is the Good News Daan Frenkel (University of Cambridge)
14:50 to 15:10 Tea and Coffee
Session 2: Soft Matter Industry Challenge Presentations (part 1) (Chair: Isabella Van Damme, Mars Food)
15:10 to 15:35 Adding Chemistry to Mesoscale Simulations: Hydrolysis of SDS Ian Stott (Unilever R&D)
15:35 to 16:00 Connecting Microscopic Parameters to Macroscopic Flow in Film Blowing Keith Powell (Innovia Films)
16:00 to 16:25 Plastics Work in Practice, But Do They Work in Theory? Ian Robinson (Lucite International)
16:25 to 16:50 Tea and Coffee
16:50 to 16:55 Elevator Pitch: Clustering of Magnetic Swimmers in a Channel Fanlong Meng (University of Oxford)
16:55 to 17:00 Elevator Pitch: Boundary Effects in Heterogeneous Active Systems Vladimir Khodygo (Aberystwyth University)
17:00 to 17:05 Elevator Pitch: Analytic Theory and Simulation of Polymer Knots Liang Dai (Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology)
17:05 to 17:10 Elevator Pitch: Morse-Witten Theory and it's Applications Denis Weaire (Trinity College Dublin)
17:10 to 17:15 Elevator Pitch: Local Structure in Deeply Supercooled Liquids Exhibits Growing Lengthscales and Dynamical Correlations James Hallett (University of Bristol)
17:15 to 17:20 Elevator Pitch: Ultrafast Deformation of Colloid Monolayers at Fluid Interfaces Marco De Corato (Imperial College London)
17:20 to 17:25 Elevator Pitch: Emergent Many-Body Interactions in Amorphous Solids Yoav Pollack (Weizmann Institute of Science)
17:25 to 17:30 Elevator Pitch: Segregating Photoelastic Particles in Free-Surface Granular Flows Amalia Thomas (University of Cambridge)
17:35 to 17:40 Elevator Pitch: Dense Packing of Spheres in Cylinders Adil Mughal (Aberystwyth University)
17:40 to 18:40 Poster, Networking, Drinks and Industry Challenge Discussions
7th September 2017
Session 3: Ionic Effects in Soft and Colloidal Materials (Chair: Kristian Muller-Nedebock, Stellenbosch University)
09:00 to 09:40 Timescale and Lengthscale Puzzles in Ionic Liquids and Concentrated Electrolytes Susan Perkin (University of Oxford)
09:40 to 10:20 Ions in Concentrated Electrolytes: From the Screening Length to Energy Storage Alpha Lee (Harvard University)
10:20 to 10:50 Tea and Coffee
10:50 to 11:30 Non-Equilibrium Separation: From Biomimetic Kindey-on-a-chip to Active Sieving Lyderic Bocquet (Université PSL)
Session 4: Soft Matter Industry Challenge Presentations (part 2) (Chair: Anthony Pearson, Schlumberger)
11:30 to 11:55 Concurrent Product-Process Design - Challenges Presented by Process Dependent Microstructures Scott Singleton (Unilever R&D)
Robert Prosser (University of Manchester)
11:55 to 12:20 Big Molecules and Small Particles Lennart Lindfors (AstraZeneca)
12:20 to 12:45 CPI National Formulation Centre - Innovating how we Innovate in the UK Graeme Cruickshank (Centre for Process Innovation Ltd)
12:45 to 14:00 Lunch and Industry Challenge Discussions
Session 5: Soft Biomatter (Chair: Bulbul Chakraborty, Brandeis University)
14:00 to 14:40 A Unifying Theory of Branching Morphogenesis Ben Simons (University of Cambridge)
14:40 to 15:20 Bacterial "Hydrophobins": A New Class of 'Smart' Switchable Surface-Active Proteins Cait MacPhee (University of Edinburgh)
15:20 to 16:00 Toward a Physical Description of Biological Tissues Jean-Francois Joanny (Collège de France), (Institut Curie)
16:00 to 16:20 Tea and Coffee
16:20 to 16:30 Elevator Pitch: Hydrogen-Bonding Aggregation of Acrylamide: Theory and Experiment Elena Patyukova (Aston University)
16:30 to 16:35 Elevator Pitch: Self-Consistent Field Lattice Model for Polymer Networks Nicholas Tito (Technische Universität Eindhoven)
16:35 to 16:40 Elevator Pitch: Complex Fluids with Charge-Regulated Mobile Macro-Molecules Tomer Markovich (University of Cambridge)
16:40 to 16:45 Elevator Pitch: 2D Foams Above the Jamming Transition: Deformation Matters Jens Winkelmann (Trinity College Dublin), (Vodafone)
16:45 to 16:50 Elevator Pitch: Vorticity Banding in Dense Suspensions Rahul Chacko (Durham University)
16:50 to 16:55 Elevator Pitch: How Strong is a Soda Can: The Stability Landscape of Cylindrical Shells Shmuel Rubinstein (Harvard University)
16:55 to 17:00 Elevator Pitch: Modelling Phase Separation on Artificial Closed Lipid Membranes Piermarco Fonda (Lorentz Institute, Leiden University)
17:00 to 17:05 Elevator Pitch: Modelling the Collective Response of Heterogeneous Cells Populations to Stationary Gradients and Chemical Signal Relay Miguel Pineda (University College London)
17:05 to 18:00 Poster session and networking
19:00 to 22:00 Workshop Dinner: Gonville and Caius College
8th September 2017
Session 6: Soft Matter Under Flow (Chair: Richard Buscall)
09:30 to 10:10 Wormlike Micelle Rheology Ron Larson (University of Michigan)
10:10 to 10:50 Edge Fracture in Complex Fluids Suzanne Fielding (Durham University)
10:50 to 11:10 Tea and Coffee
11:10 to 11:50 How Can Grains Jam Under Shear? Bob Behringer (Duke University)
11:50 to 12:30 Rheology of Dense Suspensions Olivier Pouliquen (Aix Marseille Université)
12:30 to 13:00 Open Discussion and Wrap-Up Alex Lips (University of Edinburgh)
13:00 to 14:00 Lunch and Finish