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On Tuesday 24th and Wednesday 25th January, the Newton Gateway to Mathematics hosted an event on Communicating Mathematics for the Public at the Isaac Newton Institute. Following on from this in the latest INI Living Proof Podcast, Dan Aspel and Maha Kaouri interview Hannah Thomas, Lead Support for Communicating Data, Statistics and Analysis at Government Analysis Function.  

Hannah was a speaker at the event, which aimed to explore the challenges in communicating important mathematics to the public through a variety of streams, including the media and government. The event also aimed to investigate the role of various parties in the communication route between mathematicians/statisticians and the public, bringing together not only mathematical and statistical communicators, but also representatives from the media and government. Hannah gave a talk in Session 2 of the event on Public Experience - the full recording and slides can be found on the event Programme.   

Dan, the INI ‘s Communications Manager, and Maha, the Gateway’s Scientific Knowledge Exchange Coordinator met with Hannah, covering her thoughts on the Communicating Mathematics for the Public event, her background in data journalism and her current role at the Government Analysis Function. Hannah also spoke about data visualisation and making digital information accessible, the common accessibility pitfalls and her plans for the future.  

Follow this link to listen to the interview.