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Presented by: 
Rob Learney (Digital Catapult)
Wednesday, November 6, 2019 - 16:10 to 16:30
INI Seminar Room 1

<span><i>The most important asset in the 4th Industrial Revolution is data. Who owns the data is the most important question of freedom in the 21st century. Who owns the data has the power not&nbsp;just in the economy, but in politics and society more broadly. The Internet giants have captured vast amounts of data and their platforms are impacting elections, freedom of speech and&nbsp;exasperating conflicts and&nbsp;polarisation&nbsp;around the world. This monopoly power is providing private companies with little oversight, the ability to set global policy on fundamental human issues. This situation is only going to get worse as the internet of things collects more and more data and artificial intelligence combines it all to predict and manipulate behaviour with increasing accuracy. </i><br> <br> <i>We need an alternative. The solution is to use software that is open-source, privacy-protecting, and peer-to-peer: designed to limit the concentration of data power. In this talk, Partner and Head of Research Lawrence Lundy from Outlier Ventures, a UK-based early-stage tech investment firm, will explore how we can build software to secure individual freedoms and create a fairer data economy. He will introduce a framework they use to assess opportunities which looks at the data value chain from production (the IoT and sensor networks) to distribution (cryptography and blockchain networks) to consumption (algorithms). Or to use buzzwords, IoT+Blockchains+AI.</i>&nbsp;</span>