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The Gateway was delighted to co-develop with the Martingale Foundation and Isaac Newton Institute the Solve for X programme that gives Scholars the opportunity to tackle interdisciplinary real-world mathematical challenges.

Scholars attended a four-day training camp that provided fundamental skills for working with organisations beyond academia, such as industry. In groups, they worked to develop solutions to industry problems that had been solved through mathematical collaborations in the past, enabling Scholars to think outside the box and develop key skills in working with industry within a supportive and controlled environment. This challenge gave Scholars a unique experience to work closely with industry and gain further understanding of the transferrable skills between academia and industry. 

After four days delving into mathematical challenges at St John's College, Cambridge, alongside Mentors and the Martingale Team, Scholars travelled to Imperial College London for the pitch event where they presented their solutions to challenges ranging from predicting business trajectories in Luton to utilising security cameras on UK trains to identify where track repairs are needed.

Solve for X is multi-year development challenge which promotes collaboration and progression of key professional skills. Applying an innovative approach that bridges the success of study groups and doctoral training centres, Solve for X integrates key elements of these formats into one programme for Martingale Scholars. It offers a holistic approach to skill-building and career progression, with Scholars participating in a residential retreat featuring group work, training sessions, and culminating in pitch presentations to an expert panel. 

You can read more about our collaboration with the Martingale Foundation here.