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In the latest Living Proof podcast, the Newton Gateway recently sat down with Tom Whipple, Science Editor at The Times, to talk all things maths communication.
Tom presented a challenge on Communicating Mathematics at The Public Perception of Science - Virtual Study Group hosted by the Newton Gateway in March 2022. This three-day virtual study group was developed and run by V-KEMS on behalf of the RAMP Continuity Network, the follow on to the Royal Society’s Rapid Assistance in Modelling the Pandemic (RAMP) initiative. The event brought mathematical scientists and other disciplines together to solve end user defined challenges with the aim of addressing the issues associated scientific communication, misinformation and trustworthiness. The particular challenge that Tom posed to the study group asked “How can we train mathematicians to communicate & how can we work with journalists and policy makers effectively?”
Following the study group, Tom was invited to the Isaac Newton Institute to learn more about all the mathematics programmes and activities INI hosts. Maha Kaouri and Christie Marr hosted a podcast interview with Tom that covered his journey from a mathematics undergraduate at Cambridge to a scientific journalist, the challenges of communicating mathematics and the impact of COVID-19 on scientific journalism & the public understanding of mathematics.
Follow this link to listen to the interview.