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A “Communities of the Future” Virtual Study Group took place between the 12 - 14 January 2022.
It involved V-KEMS and a group of researchers from across the UK. Several challenges were set in context by the Department for Levelling Up, Housing & Communities, City of Edinburgh Council, and Luton Borough Council. The ultimate aim of the session was to developapproaches which could be used by local authorities to support their communities in the services they provide.
Luton Council posed a number of challenges:

  • How can Luton Airport be developed to provide work for people and increase its business?
  • Understanding the evolution of Luton as a town. This challenge is in the context of future
  • trends and drivers which will impact Luton residents and businesses

City of Edinburgh Council posed a number of challenges:

  • Currently in Edinburgh a household presenting as homeless must have a local connection to Edinburgh in most circumstances. What would be the Impact of the removal of the requirement of local connection.
  • The Scottish Government are currently undertaking a consultation on proposals for a new prevention duty on local authorities and other agencies. The key change being proposed is an extension of the duty for a Local authority (LA) to recognise a household as being at risk of homelessness when they may lose their accommodation in 6 months instead of the current 2-month consideration. What would the impact of this proposed change be?
  • The pandemic has had an impact on those being made homeless by a pause in court action. What would the Impact of court action recommencing post COVID-19, particularly for private tenants?

The event was developed and delivered by the KTN on behalf of V-KEMS.

This report details the progress made and identifies some next steps.