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The Gateway and INI take part in the University's Green Impact Accreditation scheme - which encourages departments and colleges to reduce their environmental impact through a set of clear and achievable criteria related to water, waste, travel, energy, food, and other areas. With support from the Environment and Energy team, we have implemented a large number of actions aimed at engaging staff and visitors and encouraging simple behavioural changes. 

In May 2020, we were delighted to be awarded the Gold Green Impact Award, following a virtual audit.

The auditors gave some really positive feedback as well as helpful comments about activities to look at next year. "We are extremely impressed by how much INI has managed to achieve this year, especially given the lockdown and changes in their staff. They have established sustainable action as integral to the way they operate, and we look forward to seeing what they go on to do. They have some great plans for a wildlife area/garden that were unfortunately delayed by the current lockdown situation, but we are keen to see how that develops in the future. Overall just a fantastic effort. It was a pleasure to talk to them all and their enthusiasm really shone through.”

More details are on the INI Green Impact webpage