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Monday 26th April 2021 to Wednesday 28th April 2021


Better understanding of the transmission of COVID-19 is a key factor in managing risk and designing practical interventions. The Royal Society’s Rapid Assistance in Modelling the Pandemic (RAMP) initiative brought modelling expertise from a diverse range of disciplines to support the pandemic modelling community already working on Coronavirus (COVID-19), including on environmental and aerosol transmission. With the reduction of lockdown restrictions over the next few months, insights into areas such as the role of ventilation and the impact of people moving around within buildings are particularly timely.

Developed  by the Newton Gateway in its key role in the RAMP Continuity Network (a UKRI funded project), this event will bring together academics from multiple disciplines and key stakeholders. This project is guided by links with groups such as the JUNIPER consortium and the Isaac Newton Institute Infectious Dynamics of Pandemics research programme to ensure relevance to current UK policy, and will ensure engagement with the wider mathematical modelling and epidemiology communities.

Aims and Objectives

Building on the work begun by RAMP, this three-day science meeting will review existing work and identify where further research is most urgently needed. The meeting will include a standalone public-facing component providing an accessible overview of the latest science, alongside scientific talks and discussion sessions targeting active researchers.
The aims of the meeting are to:

i)              Bring together a wide range of participants to maximise the engagement from different communities.
ii)             Better inform the public on the science underlying viral transmission.
iii)            Progress the most promising areas of research, and reach consensus on future research directions and research activity.

The Provisional Programme can be found here and we anticipate that the event will run from 11:00-15.00 each day.


There will be the opportunity to present a poster. If you would like to express an interest in presenting a poster, please indicate this under 'additional information' on the registration form.


Attendance at this event is free of charge and to register please follow the link to the left.

Please select which session(s) you wish to attend.
The workshop will be hosted virtually by the Newton Gateway to Mathematics and the joining instructions will be circulated prior to the event.