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Tuesday 16th January 2018 to Wednesday 17th January 2018


Future energy networks will be characterised by much greater variability and uncertainty: inputs to electricity networks from renewable and solar generation are naturally highly intermittent, while new patterns of demand, e.g. that required for the recharging of electric vehicles, are likely to be variable and are currently not well understood.  Against this, there are significant new technologies available for the management of future systems.  These include the management of demand, storage, generation and the networks themselves.  

Future systems will therefore require more dynamic management and control.  Much of this will happen at distribution level, where there will be major issues of design and operation.  Furthermore, while networks are likely to remain hierarchical with separate responsibilities for management at transmission and distribution levels, there will be a need for an integrated approach to the operation of entire systems.


This workshop featured talks by industry and academic experts, and also intensive discussions.  It brought together industry specialists, together with mathematicians, economists and engineers,to identify scientific challenges and propose approaches to their solution.

Theme: The mathematics of the design, management and control of hierarchical energy networks.

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The meeting was held at ICMS, Edinburgh

ICMS had funding to provide accommodation and catering for this meeting. 


An online programme is available.

Organisers: James Cruise, Chris Dent and Stan Zachary 

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