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Wednesday 29th January 2014

The University of Cambridge Centre for Mathematical Sciences (CMS) held a showcase event to highlight areas of research and expertise on Wednesday 29 January 2014. The event took place at the Isaac Newton Institute and Centre for Mathematical Sciences site in Clarkson Road, Cambridge.

It was attended by over 120 representatives from industry and academia and provided the opportunity to share and explore specific areas of research, to better understand how mathematical sciences could impact on business and policy across a wide range of areas.

The event began with a series of short talks highlighting areas of mathematical sciences and was followed by an exhibition that included research group projects, industrial case studies and information about project opportunities for industry. Specific exhibits related to numerical analysis, fluid dynamics and image processing, as well as mathematics outreach.

The Showcase gave participants the opportunity to:

  • Meet leading mathematicians involved in state-of-the-art mathematical techniques and methods
  • Learn more about the potential of mathematics to help provide solutions to real-world problems
  • Find out how to collaborate and partner with the University through research, projects and studentships
  • Network with senior researchers, industry and government



Mathematics is by its very nature all-pervasive. The fruits of mathematical research, such as the resulting techniques and algorithms, affect the daily lives of everyone. Some examples include smartphones, weather forecasting, architecture, 3D software, structural engineering, sensing technologies - mathematics underpins so many things we take for granted. The economic impact of mathematics is already well-proven.