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Wednesday 21st June 2023

Centre for Mathematical Sciences

United Kingdom


The EPSRC Cambridge Mathematics of Information in Healthcare (CMIH) Hub was launched in 2020. It focuses on some of the most challenging public health problems of our time, including Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease and Dementia. There is a core mathematical component that is common to data challenges across these clinical disciplines, which the Hub will evaluate and address through its interdisciplinary collaborations. The overarching objective is to develop data analytics algorithms and provide the associated theory that is directly linked to the requirements in the clinic for healthcare decision making. 

Aims and Objectives 

This event will be the third user engagement event of CMIH and will bring together researchers from mathematics, statistics, computer science and medicine, with clinicians and relevant industrial stakeholders. It will showcase the research and engagement of CMIH over the past 3 years.  

Talks will focus on the key theme of the CMIH Hub, which is the development of robust and clinical applicable algorithms for analysing healthcare data in an integrated fashion. It will include talks that highlight open challenges and successes from CMIH Hub researchers and present other potential collaborative opportunities, as well as projects being developed elsewhere related to healthcare data analytics. In addition, there will be the opportunity to hear from partner EPSRC Hubs for Mathematical Sciences in Healthcare, who were introduced at the launch event in 2021. 

The Programme is being finalised and the event will run from 10:00 – 16.30.  

Registration and Venue 

To register please use the link in the left-hand panel.  


Please note that this event will take place at the Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge.