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Wednesday 10th May 2023

Isaac Newton Institute

United Kingdom


The Cantab Capital Institute for the Mathematics of Information (CCIMI) held its seventh annual academic conference, focused on advances in the mathematics of phase transitions and correlated random processes. 

Launched in 2016, CCIMI accommodates research activity on fundamental mathematical problems and methodology for understanding, analysing, processing and simulating data. Mathematical research performed in the Institute is of the highest international level.

This in-person event followed previous successful academic and industrial engagement events, which focused on different topics related to the mathematics of information.

Aims and Objectives 

This conference brought together academics working to advance understanding of random processes and provided an update on the research and collaborations taking place at CCIMI specifically related to phase transitions and correlated random processes. 

There was a session of short 'brief introductions' to current research questions and posters by PhD students in CCIMI.

The event was of interest those working on probabilistic models, as well as the applications of random processes in a wide range of fields.

You can view the programme here.


There was the opportunity to present a poster.

Registration and Venue 

Registrations to this event are now closed. For an question, please email to 

Talks aimed at academics, and a mathematical background, however, attendees from industry and the public sector were welcome.  

This event took place at the Isaac Newton Institute, Cambridge. 

Recordings from this event can be seen on YouTube

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