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Tuesday 12th July 2022 to Friday 15th July 2022

Centre for Mathematical Sciences

United Kingdom


This year’s UK Graduate Modelling Camp was run as a 4-day in-person workshop from 12th July to 15th July 2022 at the Centre for Mathematical Sciences, University of Cambridge.

The Graduate Modelling Camp catered for early career mathematicians, usually those in the first and second years of their doctoral studies, who are keen to get hands-on modelling experience. It was also an excellent preparation ground for those who wish to go on and attend the five-day European Study Group with Industry (ESGI). This year, the ESGI is being hosted by the University of Kent on the 18th to 22nd July 2022 – we strongly encouraged participants of this workshop to attend.

The Newton Gateway to Mathematics worked in partnership with the University of Oxford’s Industrially Focused Mathematical Modelling Centre for Doctoral Training (InFoMM) and Professor Chris Breward to facilitate this year’s event.

Aims & Objectives

A key aim of the modelling camp was to provide early career mathematicians with experience of mathematical modelling under the guidance of experienced instructors and mentors. This involved working on real-world challenges from industry or science. The camp was open to all PhD students and was designed to promote a broad range of problem-solving skills, such as mathematical modelling & analysis, scientific computation & critical assessment of solutions.

On the first morning, the mentors presented a range of problem challenges. The participants then formed teams to tackle a chosen challenge for the remainder of the camp. Scientific communication was an important part of the camp and all participants were expected to make presentations on the final day.

Mentors and challenges included:

  • Ambrose Yim (University of Oxford) – Predicting chemical properties of compounds from their molecular structure with machine learning.
  • William Lee (University of Huddersfield) – Mathematical Modelling for Preventing Homelessness.
  • Sam Kamperis (Oxford Brookes University) – Modelling Business Space Occupancy.
  • Ellen Luckins (University of Oxford) – Neutralising Toxic Chemicals in Porous Media.
  • Katerina Kaouri (Cardiff University) – Modelling the Airborne Transmission of Viruses

Further details about the challenges can be found in the Challenge Briefing Document. If you have any queries, please contact Maha Kaouri -

Registration & Delegate information

This workshop took place at the Centre for Mathematical Sciences, University of Cambridge. 

Registration is now closed. 


UK Graduate Modelling Camp 2022 Students 

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