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I wanted to thank you for making our stay such a great experience. I found this event with the TGM to be inspiring and it made really a difference.

Sara Lombardo (Loughborough University )

The study groups provide an outstanding way for us to engage with the academic community. The key is that the study groups engage a wide range of individuals who actively work on a problem. As a result of this approach we can gain much deeper insights than we could by working alone, or even by holding a workshop. By the end of a study group we have usually made real progress in our understanding. That could mean identifying that a particular solution is a dead end. It could mean that we have an actual working solution. Or it could mean that we have scoped out useful future research, so we can focus our efforts in the areas will it make the most difference.

Adam Baylis (Environment Agency)

Expectations exceeded! Panel discussions so valuable, excellent variety of topics and speeches.


I want to congratulate you on a smash hit of a meeting. I was expecting to meet about 15 people in a depressingly small space. In fact there were masses of often high-flying people there and I understand you were sold out for two months. This is a substantial achievement that provides a platform for genuinely making a difference in the UK.


It was an incredible event. Excellent range and quality of speakers.