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Thursday 2nd March 2017 to Friday 3rd March 2017

Isaac Newton Institute

United Kingdom


The aim of this informal meeting was to bring together friends, colleagues and associates of Joseph ‘Joe’ Keller, and all other interested researchers, to honour his memory and to acknowledge his legacy and the support he offered all applied mathematicians stretching over many decades. The meeting was aimed primarily at scientists residing outside the USA, and provided an opportunity to pay fitting tribute to Joe and his mathematics.  


It is fair to say that Joe Keller was the most influential applied mathematician residing in the West over the second half of the 20th Century. He published over 400 articles since his first appeared in 1947 – his originality, creativity, mathematical dexterity and physical insight shine through in all of these works. He remained as alert and passionate about research in later years as he did when leading the legendary Courant Institute Group in the 1950/60s. Perhaps the most significant aspect of Joe’s professional life was the sheer number of people who worked with him or who were influenced directly by his efforts. He was selfless in offering his ideas and energies to benefit both youngsters and established researchers, and was always encouraging and enthusiastic when sitting through lectures given by students!



The Programme commenced with a buffet lunch at 12 noon on Thursday 2 March 2017 and finished early afternoon on Friday 3 March 2017. There was a range of talks including reminiscences and research presentations summarising areas of Joe's work or how they shaped the speakers’ thinking.
The event was entertaining, informal and with as wide a range of topics as possible to span Joe’s vast research output. 

Dinner and Accommodation

A college dinner took place at Westminster College

Accommodation was reserved at Arundel House Hotel.

Charges and Funding

Participants were expected to pay for their own travel, dinner and accommodation. Funding was obtained to assist and support students with these costs. Please note, funding was limited and was distributed on a first come first served basis

Registration and Venue

The event took place at the Isaac Newton Institute, Cambridge.

Image of the workshop group:
Downloadable version here


Downloadable version here