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Plus Magazine Podcast on ‘What are liquid metal batteries?’, an interview with Professor Donald Sadoway 

Following on from an Open for Business event hosted by the Newton Gateway, in the latest Plus Magazine Podcast, the Plus team interviewed Professor Donald Sadoway, Professor Emeritus of Materials Chemistry at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Co-founder of Ambri.   

Donald was a speaker at the Open for Business event on Liquid Metal Batteries, which took place in November 2022 as part of a four month research programme at the Isaac Newton Institute on Frontiers in dynamo theory: from the Earth to the stars. This hybrid Open for Business event was developed in collaboration with the SOLSTICE project on Sodium-Zinc molten salt batteries for low-cost stationary storage and aimed to bring together mathematicians and scientists working at the forefront of dynamo theory and its applications, with end users from industry to explore further opportunities for liquid metal batteries. Donald gave two talks across the two days. The full recordings and slides can be found on the event Programme.   

Following the Open for Business event, Donald was invited for a podcast interview. The Plus team met with Donald Sadoway, who played a very important role in pioneering liquid metal batteries. In this podcast he tells listeners what they are and why they are better, when they'll be commercially available, and why sometimes it's best to ignore the experts. 

Follow this link to listen to the interview.