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Her Maths Story – Portraying Female Mathematicians in all Walks of Life

Historically, female representation in STEM and particularly mathematics has been quite poor, recently more so due to the lack of a multitude of female role models.
Joana, Julia and Tamara - three female mathematicians partially working out of Cambridge – created Her Maths Story to showcase the variety of careers, non-linear paths and individual decision-making processes to inspire women in different stages of their lives.

By sharing stories of other female mathematicians, they want to encourage and empower women to pursue studies and careers in maths, spark their curiosity and transmit enthusiasm for technical subjects.

Her Maths Story is intended to be informative, non-judgemental, honest, motivating and enjoyable. Ultimately, Her Maths Story was created for YOU. The creators hope you’ll learn about women in maths in a way that they would have loved to when they were in school, during their studies and even nowadays.

Her Maths Story have just launched their website and are on all social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). They’re also always looking for new stories, so if you want to share your journey with them or know someone who might be interested – send them an email.  If you are a senior researcher and you like their idea, please feel free to share this widely with your colleagues and students.

“Looking forward to many more female mathematicians to come! - Joana, Julia and Tamara