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Cambridge Blockchain Society

Founded by students in 2018, our mission is fostering Cambridge's blockchain ecosystem by maintaining a distributed network for enthusiastic students, academics and industrial partners.

Cambridge Blockchain Prize Competition, £15k research or venture funding
Have a research or early stage business idea related to blockchain or decentralised technologies? The Cambridge Blockchain Prize will be an opportunity to pitch your ideas for a chance at £15k research or venture funding, as well as co-working space, mentorship and legal support. Join our mailing list for more details:
Web 3.0 Hackathon, 16-17th November,  £10k cash prizes @ Bradfield Center, Cambridge Science Park
This 2-day hackathon brings together great international projects for you to hack on and explore. You will get the opportunity to connect with the teams and ecosystems as well as other developers over the course of the event. Mentors and workshops, food and drinks and make new friends! More details and to register:
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- Facebook page: camblockchains
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