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In 2017, Siddhant Mohapatra from Middlesex was the lucky winner of a Samsung Galaxy tablet, having correctly answered a six part competition at the “Mathematics in the Real World” stand at New Scientist Live.
New Scientist Live is a festival of ideas and discovery, showcasing the biggest, best and most provocative science. At last year’s show, the TGM shared an exhibition space in partnership with the Isaac Newton Institute (INI), the Industrial Mathematics Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN), the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (IMA), the International Centre for Mathematical Sciences (ICMS) and the Operational Research Society (ORS).
When Siddhant heard he had won the competition he said:
"Maths is a subject I love as it challenges me and I love using different approaches to find solutions to interesting problems”.

Siddhant in October 2017.

Therefore, it was no surprise to hear recently of Siddhant’s continued success. 
While pursuing maths algorithms and programming on his own, Siddhant became interested in Apple’s x-code and worked on it. He developed 2 Apps that were approved by Apple and are now in the App Store. He is only 13, so they are in his Mother’s name.
Mind Breaker” is an educational App developed by Siddhant to 'break your mind' to test you in maths, medicine, history, astronomy and more.
Locate Yourself “is a navigational App that shows your location and lets you know the instantaneous altitude, latitude, longitude of the place you are on and most strikingly, tells your precise speed if you are moving.
Siddhant’s parents are understandably very proud of his achievements “We and many consider it as a feat of no mean achievement for a 13 year old. New Scientist Live was his first recognition and he has not looked back since. We are grateful that your encouragement has been a strut in his upward move.”
Siddhant continues to be fascinated by mathematics, algorithms, machine learning and more.
“I am feeling the genuine joy in sharing my App that intends to impart some education on the premises of the worldwide web. Look at your everyday devices, such as iPhones and iPad, and inside it you have Safari, digital or social media or a Weather Forecaster - all of these things you are using have been coded by a Programmer. So, if you have lots of knowledge in your head, why not create an App with which you can extrapolate your academic understanding and wisdom for educating and benefiting people at large.”

Siddhant in 2018 - Creates Apps, Plays Piano, Loves Nature