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EPSRC is currently seeking applications from academics, industrialists, research users, individuals working in the third sector and government organisations to join various Strategic Advisory Boards across the range of EPSRC’s Themes. We are looking for suitable individuals to guide and advise as theme experts.

The Mathematical Sciences theme are looking to recruit for the following vacancies:

Vacancy 1: Early career - Academic vacancy- *The successful applicant may also be asked to sit on the Mathematical Sciences Early Career Forum.
Vacancy 2: Industrialist
Vacancy 3: Industrialist
Vacancy 4: Mathematical  Physics/Mathematical analysis- Academic vacancy
Vacancy 5: Mathematical Biology- Academic vacancy
Vacancy 6: Data Science- Academic or end user vacancy * Both the Mathematical Sciences and ICT Theme are seeking researchers with core data science expertise to join their Strategic Advisory Teams. This includes researchers in the area of machine learning, statistics, applied probability, data management and database theory. Note that these vacancies could be filled either as a joint appointment across both SATs or by two separate applicants. When applying could applicants please indicate which Strategic Advisory Team(s) they are interested in joining using the check-boxes provided.

The SAT recruitment page is now live, at . The page contains a link to the application form ( ) and the list of vacancies ( ). The closing date and time is 16.00 on 01 August 2018.

You many have taken part in the refresh exercise before, please note two significant changes made this year:

  • The assessment criteria have been significantly simplified, and are now the same for all applicants (academic or non-academic).
  • Applications must now all be made by the individual applying for the SAT due to the GDPR regulations. We will accept nominations, but they must be made with the explicit consent of the nominee. key stakeholders and leaders are encouraged to continue advertising the vacancies to suitable colleagues and encouraging applications