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Tuesday 15th November 2016


The StatScale programme is a collaboration between researchers at Lancaster University and the University of Cambridge, two of the UK's leading universities in Statistics. The programme tackles the important inference challenges arising from streaming data. This £3.4M initiative is funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), the two participating institutions and a number of committed project partners for six years (2016-2022).

The central goal of the StatScale programme is to deliver the next generation of statistical solutions required to harness insight from streaming data. In doing so, it aims to establish the UK as an internationally leading centre of excellence in this important area.

Streaming data challenges arise in numerous fields from consumer products to transport networks and energy systems. StatScale's philosophy is to develop an integrated approach to tackling the statistical challenges arising from data streams, drawing on the consortium's complementary perspectives on the methodological, theoretical and computational challenges.


Aims and Objectives

This event introduced the StatScale Programme, highlighting opportunities for both companies and early career researchers to engage with its activities at an early stage.

Talks highlighted research projects being undertaken under the programme's main research challenge areas and their connection to some motivating applications. For example, novel statistical methods for detecting changes in data streams will be an area of particular focus within some of the presentations.

The launch event was of interest to

  • Business and industry sectors working with streaming data, particularly those involved in the energy, healthcare technologies and digital economy sectors;
  • Early career researchers who have an interest in statistical challenges in this area. In particular, the event will outline various opportunities to engage with the StatScale programme, including details of various positions which will be advertised.

This event also provided an early opportunity to engage with the programme and hear about future opportunities for partnering and collaboration.

The afternoon finished with a drinks/networking session and presented a great opportunity for participants to network with senior scientists and relevant individuals from industry and government.

A programme is available here.

Registration and Venue

The workshop took place at the Royal Statistical Society, London. Please see the Society's website for further information about the venue.

Limited funds were available to support the attendance of UK/EU-based early career researchers at this event.