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Wednesday 15th June 2016


In today's information age, the security of digital communication and transactions is of critical importance and the management of risk to such information systems is considered fundamental to effective cyber security. In the context of such challenges, the need for effective cryptographic systems and the complex mathematics and logic that underpin them have become ever more important.

A good example of such a challenge, is in the management of cryptographic keys and the additional complexity in cloud environments compared to enterprise IT environments due to: (a) difference in ownership (between cloud Consumers and cloud Providers) and (b) control of infrastructures on which both the Key Management System (KMS) and protected resources are located. Thus it is important to identify the cryptographic key management challenges in the context of architectural solutions that are commonly deployed to perform those cryptographic operations.

Key decisions crucial to users of cryptography relating to legacy issues also need to be addressed. These were highlighted in the 2014 Algorithms, Key Size and Parameters Report ( These relate to primitives or schemes being currently employed which are not fit for purpose and also whether these are suitable for deployment in new or future systems. Plans and preparations for the phasing out and replacement of such legacy mechanisms over a period of say 5-10 years need to be made. Other issues which need to be taken into account include the length of time data needs to be kept secure.

This workshop will therefore provide a useful forum for the presentation and discussion of new research directions in cryptography and the potential applications to cyber-security.

Aims and Objectives

This one day workshop aims to engage with the UK research community to discuss broad research directions in cryptographic technologies and the underlying mathematics that underpins them. The programme will be made up of talks on state-of-the-art cryptography and cyber-security and will seek to assess directions and developments in both theoretical and applied areas.

Talks will highlight directions in encryption and secure computation and their applications across a number of areas including cloud computing, smart grid, mobile and embedded computing, hardware, software, and network security. Another key aim of this workshop is to increase awareness of R&D activities across the research community to help inform future research directions and address some of the issues highlighted above, such as with legacy schemes and time frames for keeping data secure.

Various contemporary issues to be explored include:

  • Post-quantum
  • Lightweight/low zero cryptography
  • Cryptography for embedded systems
  • New requirements for emerging/novel applications/Distributed ledger technology (eg, digital currency)
  • Cryptographic aspects of next-generation identity management, eg, biometrics
  • Computing on encrypted data
  • Privacy and anonymity
  • Protocol Cryptanalysis
  • Computationally Sound Analysis of Protocols

Registration and Venue

Registration is open to invited researchers from relevant/related fields.

The workshop will take place at Bletchley Park. Please see the link for further information about the venue.

A more detailed map of the venue is available.

Click to download it.

This event is free and assistance towards travel expenses and accommodation is available for invited academic researchers.