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We have rebranded to the Newton Gateway to Mathematics. The Gateway was established in March 2013, as the Turing Gateway to Mathematics (TGM), as the impact initiative of the Isaac Newton Institute (INI). It was named after Alan Turing because of his exceptionally wide influence across a broad range of areas and it has been a difficult decision to change name.

However, the increasing scale of activity has been such that we needed to reinforce our identify as both an integral part of INI and as a national facility for knowledge exchange for mathematical sciences in the UK. The Review into Knowledge Exchange in the Mathematical Sciences reinforced the need to have impact as a central role within the mathematical sciences and there was the additional need to avoid confusion with other organisations. 

We look forward to continuing to work with our partners and stakeholders over another busy year. 3 new Research Programmes have just started at INI and we will be delivering knowledge exchange events linked to these. For more information visit the events webpage or email us.