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The Newton Gateway to Mathematics delivers activity across a broad range of sectors and engages in partnership with the users of mathematics - academics from other disciplines, those from industry and the public sector. 
Activities are bespoke and may originate from the need to address a specific technical issue or look for a better solution. Alternatively, they could be in response to the need to obtain ideas for next generation solutions from mathematicians involved in frontier research.

Activities take a number of forms:

  • Events - workshops and consultations
  • Training programmes
  • Short to medium-term research programmes
  • Projects

The Newton Gateway delivers Open for Business knowledge exchange events on behalf of the Isaac Newton Institute. These are specifically designed to bring together industrial, commercial and government organisations with mathematical scientists and can be run as part of an ongoing research programme, or as an independent event.


Past Events

E.g., 2019-06-23
E.g., 2019-06-23

Mathematical Design for Solid Complex Materials

Wednesday 27th February 2019
Isaac Newton Institute

This knowledge exchange workshop was part of the six months Research Programme at the Isaac Newton Institute (INI) on The Mathematical design of new materials. It brought together mathematicians and scientists working in various areas of materials science and applied mathematics in order to initiate a systematic study of the optimal design of new complex materials.

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100% Renewables - Future Challenges in Energy Systems

Wednesday 23rd January 2019
Isaac Newton Institute

This knowledge exchange workshop was part of the four months Research Programme at the Isaac Newton Institute (INI) on The Mathematics for Energy Systems. Participants on this programme are interdisciplinary and key aims are to develop methodology which is urgent for the next several years and to sow the seeds of a lasting mathematical research agenda.

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Understanding Multi-Modal Data for Social and Human Behaviour

Tuesday 27th November 2018
Isaac Newton Institute

Real benefits to many areas of modern society arise if one can analyse, model and predict different aspects of social and human behaviours.  Techniques, such as those offered by RPT, increase the range of potential successes to include recognising human actions and understanding changing facial expressions.

This workshop aimed to increase awareness of what is possible, whether it be better mitigation of risks, management of outcomes, or supporting individuals in their daily lives, across the spectrum of social and human behaviour.

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Cantab Capital Institute for the Mathematics of Information – Connecting with Industry

Wednesday 14th November 2018
Isaac Newton Institute

The main focus of this one day conference event will be as an industrial engagement day that will provide an update on research and collaborations taking place at the CCIMI, as well as presenting research being developed elsewhere.

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Clinical Imaging Research: Progress and Promise

Tuesday 6th November 2018
The Alan Turing Institute

This one day event aimed to review scientific and policy developments in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) when applied to clinical imaging. It identified key steps that will expedite the delivery of research in the field, in partnership with academia, industry, patients and clinical researchers.

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